«Die Planetary Health Academy bietet vielfältige Bildungsformate zum Wissenserwerb und der Befähigung zum transformativen Handeln im Kontext von Planetary Health an.»

«The Lancet Countdown works to ensure that health is at the centre of how governments understand and respond to climate change. Our work ranges from ensuring policymakers have access to high-quality evidence-based guidance, through to providing the health profession with the tools they need to improve public health.»

«Swiss TPH experts study the health impact of climate change in various regions in Africa and Europe. They assess the influences of heat waves on mortality, monitor the spread of the tiger mosquito in the southern part of Switzerland or establish risk profiles of African communities affected by heavy flooding with a particular attention to vulnerability of water and sanitation systems.»

«o500 is a work in progress that aims to develop 1) a global concept and a long-term vision for inventing sustainable urban lifestyles that are compatible with the survival of the biosphere and our aspiration to fulfilled and happy lives and 2) a concrete and immediate action plan based on real projects around the world»

«The Lancet Planetary Health is a gold open access journal that seeks to be the pre-eminent journal for enquiry into sustainable human civilisations in the Anthropocene. As such, we publish peer reviewed research and reviews as well as comment, correspondence, and reportage broadly encompassing sustainable development (the SDG’s) and global environmental change.»

«Das NCCS ist im Sinne eines virtuellen Zentrums organisiert und ist ein Zusammenschluss von zentralen und dezentralen Verwaltungseinheiten des Bundes. Es koordiniert die gemeinsame Entwicklung und Bereitstellung von Klimadienstleistungen und fördert den Dialog zwischen allen Akteuren»

«Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action.»

«Can we feed a future population of 10 billion people a healthy diet within planetary boundaries?»

«information about climate tipping points and feedbacks, focusing on what they are, why they’re important, and how we can predict them»